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Europa Distribution at IDFA: the "SOLO" Case Study

For the second year in a row, in partnership with the Festival’s Industry Talk programme, Europa Distribution co-organized various events at IDFA focused on the distribution of documentary films. On November 25th, a public panel was held at De Brakke Grond, dedicated to a very specific case study: the life-cycle of Solo, a creative documentary by Artemio Benki.

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Interview with Tom Abell, founder of UK distributor Peccadillo Picture

We talked to our member Tom Abell, founder of UK distributor Peccadillo Pictures, about the UK distribution landscape, the company’s upcoming titles, and past successes.

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Why together is Better - Europa Distribution at MIA

Europa Distribution held its 13th Annual Conference in Rome (16-19 October) in the framework of the MIA Market, gathering around sixty members of the association to discuss about the latest evolutions in the European distribution market. With an ever-increasing number of films released every year, and competition for audience’s attention getting tougher in the era of multiplication of contents, the need for joining forces across different parts of the film’s value chain has taken a central place in the current debate.

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Europa Distribution at San Sebastian Film Festival

Over the past six years the expansion in Europe of big international VoD players such as Netflix and Amazon has started an irreversible process that is changing – and, according to some, disrupting – the whole film market. While it is true that those consumers who know what they want can get it “here and now” far more easily than in the past, it is also true that in the maze of logarithms ruling the VoD world, it is harder for the audience to discover any new content. On September 23rd Europa Distribution, in partnership with the San Sebastián Film Festival, tackled the issue with the help of experts from various fields during an open panel entitled “The Holy Grailof right holders: the availability and visibility of European films on VoD platforms”.

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