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11th General Assembly

40 distributors, members of Europa Distribution, gathered in Karlovy Vary from the 2nd to the 6th of July in the scope of the Industry Event of the Festival. They were involved in an intense agenda of activities organised by the network and its partners for the occasion of Europa Distribution’s 11th Annual Conference. The fil rouge chosen to guide the conversation was the current state of the Film Industry and the role of its “Constant Gardeners”: distributors. What role do they occupy in today’s ecosystem?

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Workshop on Animation

In the framework of the MIFA, the Industry event of the Annecy International Film Festival, Europa Distribution organised a private workshop on June 14th dedicated to those distributors who, despite the difficulties, take on the challenge of releasing independent animation films in Europe.

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Focus on Film Distribution: UK

What are the challenges facing UK distributors today and how are they different from those engaging their European colleagues? While Theresa May and Donald Tusk are busy negotiating the terms of Brexit, we interviewed some UK Independent Distributors to discuss with them the current situation of their market and it seems that, Brexit or not, a revolution is already in progress.

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Letter to raise the Parliament and Council’s awareness about the need for Territoriality

411 exponents of the Film Industry, including an impressive number of Europa Distribution’s members, signed a letter addressed to Presidents Tajani and Tusk to raise the Parliament and Council’s awareness about the need for Territoriality.

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