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    Everything you always wanted to know about distribution but were afraid to ask: RECOVER, REBOOT, RESHAPE


    Adapt and Thrive: How the ideas developed during the Covid Crisis can drive a new era for film publishing and distribution

  • Our tribute to Europa Distribution co-founder Marie Strauss

    It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our valued colleague and friend Marie Strauss (Folkets Bio)

  • Europa Distribution and FIAD COVID-19 Statement

    A joint call for support the ease the impact of Covid-19 crisis on film distribution


    Workshop on Animation

  • Europa Distribution at IDFA

    SOLO, a one-man-band story and case study

  • Europa Distribution at MIA

    Why Together is Better: How collaboration between sectors can help the promotion of independent films


    “The Holy Grail” of right holders: The availability and visibility of European films on VoD platforms

  • Europa Distribution in Haugesund

    Europa Distribution and New Nordic Films take a closer look at the film value chain, at how essential each link is for the success of the film, and at how the different parts of the chain can work best together.

  • Europa Distribution in Sofia

    Workshop on “Effective Communication in Professional Interactions and in the Negotiation Process” in the framework of Sofia Meetings

  • Europa Distribution at Cartoon Movie

    Europa Distribution organizes for its members a workshop on Tuesday March 5th focused on animation films aimed at adults.

  • Europa Distribution at IDFA

    The Act of… Releasing: How to bring documentaries to theatres successfully

  • 12th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual Conference, MIA Rome, 17-21 October 2018

  • Europa Distribution in San Sebastian

    Back to the future! How to give films older than 3 years a better life and market


    « Script evaluation workshop – How to evaluate a film and its potential by reading the script?

  • Cine en Construction

    « Los silencios » wins the European Distributors and Exhibitors Prize at Cine en Construccion, Toulouse

  • Europa Distribution Workshop in Sofia 2018

    Effective Communication in Professional Interactions and the Negotiation Process, 14-18 March 2018, Sofia Meetings

  • Workshop on Animated films 2018

    Europa DIstribution Workshop, Cartoon Movie 7-10 March 2018, Bordeaux

  • Open Panel in Rome in partnership with MIA

    MIA - October 21

  • Open Panel in San Sebastian in partnership with The Industry Club

    San Sebastian International Film Festival - 25 September 2017

  • Open Panel in Haugesund in Partnership with New Nordic Films

    Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund - 24 August 2017

  • 11th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual Conference - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - July 2-6

  • Dial A for Audience

    Europa Distribution Workshop - Sofia Meetings - March 16-19

  • Cultivating Audiences - Open Panel in Rotterdam

    Europa Distribution - IFFR/Cinemart - Feb.1

  • Workshop on VOD market & online promotion

    Europa Distribution workshop - San Sebastian Industry Club - Sept.18-22

  • 10th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual conference - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - July 3-7

  • Workshop on documentaries

    Europa Distribution workshop - Visions du Réel & DOCM - April 19-21

  • Workshop on mutualisation on marketing

    Europa Distribution workshop - Sofia International Film Festival & Sofia Meetings - March 17-20

  • Open Panel in Rotterdam in partnership with Cinemart

    Innovative sustainable strategies for distribution and promotion of audiovisual works

  • Workshop on professional interactions and negotiation

    Europa Distribution workshop - Marrakech International Film Festival - Dec. 9-12

  • Open panel in Rome in partnership with The Business Street/MIA

    Everything you always wanted to know about distribution but were afraid to ask

  • Workshop on pushing legal offer and fighting piracy 2015

    Europa Distribution workshop - San Sebastian International Film Festival and Industry Days - Sept 20-24

  • EPC, EI, ED and EuroVoD working group

    European film industry unite to improve the circulation of films in Europe

  • Reaction on DSM strategy

    European Film Distributors voice concerns about potential outcomes of Digital Single Market strategy

  • Scope50

    Scope50 winners picked up by the audience in all countries!

  • Workshop on audience 2015

    Europa Distribution workshop - Sofia Meetings and Sofia IFF - March 13-14

  • Workshop on Professional Interactions and Negotiation

    Europa Distribution workshop - Marrakech International Film Festival, December 9-12

  • Workshop on TV acquisitions 2014

    Europa Distribution workshop - Festival del film di Locarno, August 8-12

  • Workshop on animated films 2014

    Europa Distribution workshop - Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (MIFA) June 10-12 2013

  • Cultural Exception

    European Cinema congratulates the European Parliament for its vote in favour of culture

  • Cultural Exception

    European cinema’s professional organisations support film-makers petition to preserve the European audiovisual sector

  • 6th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution 6th Annual Conference in Lyon.

  • Workshop: Digital

    Europa Distribution Workshop on digital in San Sebastian.

  • Workshop: Animated films

    Europa Distribution Workshop on animated films in Annecy.

  • Future of the Media Programme

    European Call for the future of the Media Programme.

Press articles

  • Variety

    Christine Eloy's Tribune: Independent film distribution needs industry support to survive

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution takes VoD and online promotion to San Sebastian

  • Variety

    Brexit poses challenges to independent European distributors

  • Cineuropa

    Interview with ED General Manager Christine Eloy

  • Filmecho

    Die Folgen des Brexit für die Branche

  • Variety

    Marrakech: Europa Distribution hones negotiating skills

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    European film distributors discuss Netflix impact

  • Screen Intl

    Distributors discuss festivals, critics and DSM in Rome

  • Screen Daily

    San Sebastian debate: Piracy as an opportunity?

  • Variety

    San Sebastian Roundtable Focuses on Legal Online

  • Indiewire

    Europa Distribution Anti-Piracy Workshop

  • Diario Bae

    San Sebastian discute estrategias antipiratería

  • Festivalovy - KVIFF Daily

    Interview of ED General Manager Christine Eloy

  • Indiewire

    Europa Distribution launches partnership with Distrify Media

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Members Brainstorm New Strategies at Marrakech

  • Variety

    Marrakech Hosts Events for Europe's Top Distributors and Sales Agents

  • Screen Daily

    Europa Distribution warns of a single digital market 'catastrophe'

  • Cineuropa

    The need to keep a distributor-friendly environment

  • Cineuropa

    One Model Is not the Answer

  • FilmEcho

    Es gibt kein Einheitsmodell

  • Cineuropa

    New Patterns of Film Marketing and Distribution

  • Variety

    San Sebastian's Workshop Analyzes Day-and-Date Releases

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Stages Locarno Workshop on TV Acquisition of Indie Pix

  • Screen Daily

    Europa Distribution panel looks at TV

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Analyzes Toon Pic Biz at Annecy

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution Asks Its Members to Participate in the EU Copyright Consultation

  • Variety

    Lumiere rolls with strong star, biz presence.

  • Screen Intl

    Europa Distribution AGM opens in Lyon with film heritage debate.

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution 6th Annual Conference.

  • Film New Europe

    Europa Distribution Backs MEDIA Strand Proposals for Creative Europe.

  • Screen Intl

    Europa Distribution mulls Creative Europe plan in Lyon.

  • Variety

    Secret Cinema heads for Gotham.

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution wraps up its annual conference in Lyon.

  • Film New Europe

    Interview of Jakub Duszynski, President of Europa Distribution.

  • Screen Intl

    The Pope’s European Tour.

  • FilmEcho

    Distribution Strategies for a digital Europe.