Press releases

  • Europa Distribution in Sofia

    Workshop on “Effective Communication in Professional Interactions and in the Negotiation Process” in the framework of Sofia Meetings

  • Europa Distribution at Cartoon Movie

    Europa Distribution organizes for its members a workshop on Tuesday March 5th focused on animation films aimed at adults.

  • Europa Distribution at IDFA

    The Act of… Releasing: How to bring documentaries to theatres successfully

  • 12th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual Conference, MIA Rome, 17-21 October 2018

  • Europa Distribution in San Sebastian

    Back to the future! How to give films older than 3 years a better life and market


    « Script evaluation workshop – How to evaluate a film and its potential by reading the script?

  • Cine en Construction

    « Los silencios » wins the European Distributors and Exhibitors Prize at Cine en Construccion, Toulouse

  • Europa Distribution Workshop in Sofia 2018

    Effective Communication in Professional Interactions and the Negotiation Process, 14-18 March 2018, Sofia Meetings

  • Workshop on Animated films 2018

    Europa DIstribution Workshop, Cartoon Movie 7-10 March 2018, Bordeaux

  • Open Panel in Rome in partnership with MIA

    MIA - October 21

  • Open Panel in San Sebastian in partnership with The Industry Club

    San Sebastian International Film Festival - 25 September 2017

  • Open Panel in Haugesund in Partnership with New Nordic Films

    Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund - 24 August 2017

  • 11th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual Conference - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - July 2-6

  • Dial A for Audience

    Europa Distribution Workshop - Sofia Meetings - March 16-19

  • Cultivating Audiences - Open Panel in Rotterdam

    Europa Distribution - IFFR/Cinemart - Feb.1

  • Workshop on VOD market & online promotion

    Europa Distribution workshop - San Sebastian Industry Club - Sept.18-22

  • 10th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution Annual conference - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - July 3-7

  • Workshop on documentaries

    Europa Distribution workshop - Visions du Réel & DOCM - April 19-21

  • Workshop on mutualisation on marketing

    Europa Distribution workshop - Sofia International Film Festival & Sofia Meetings - March 17-20

  • Open Panel in Rotterdam in partnership with Cinemart

    Innovative sustainable strategies for distribution and promotion of audiovisual works

  • Workshop on professional interactions and negotiation

    Europa Distribution workshop - Marrakech International Film Festival - Dec. 9-12

  • Open panel in Rome in partnership with The Business Street/MIA

    Everything you always wanted to know about distribution but were afraid to ask

  • Workshop on pushing legal offer and fighting piracy 2015

    Europa Distribution workshop - San Sebastian International Film Festival and Industry Days - Sept 20-24

  • EPC, EI, ED and EuroVoD working group

    European film industry unite to improve the circulation of films in Europe

  • Reaction on DSM strategy

    European Film Distributors voice concerns about potential outcomes of Digital Single Market strategy

  • Scope50

    Scope50 winners picked up by the audience in all countries!

  • Workshop on audience 2015

    Europa Distribution workshop - Sofia Meetings and Sofia IFF - March 13-14

  • Workshop on Professional Interactions and Negotiation

    Europa Distribution workshop - Marrakech International Film Festival, December 9-12

  • Workshop on TV acquisitions 2014

    Europa Distribution workshop - Festival del film di Locarno, August 8-12

  • Workshop on animated films 2014

    Europa Distribution workshop - Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (MIFA) June 10-12 2013

  • Cultural Exception

    European Cinema congratulates the European Parliament for its vote in favour of culture

  • Cultural Exception

    European cinema’s professional organisations support film-makers petition to preserve the European audiovisual sector

  • 6th Annual Conference

    Europa Distribution 6th Annual Conference in Lyon.

  • Workshop: Digital

    Europa Distribution Workshop on digital in San Sebastian.

  • Workshop: Animated films

    Europa Distribution Workshop on animated films in Annecy.

  • Future of the Media Programme

    European Call for the future of the Media Programme.

Press articles

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution takes VoD and online promotion to San Sebastian

  • Variety

    Brexit poses challenges to independent European distributors

  • Cineuropa

    Interview with ED General Manager Christine Eloy

  • Filmecho

    Die Folgen des Brexit für die Branche

  • Variety

    Marrakech: Europa Distribution hones negotiating skills

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    European film distributors discuss Netflix impact

  • Screen Intl

    Distributors discuss festivals, critics and DSM in Rome

  • Screen Daily

    San Sebastian debate: Piracy as an opportunity?

  • Variety

    San Sebastian Roundtable Focuses on Legal Online

  • Indiewire

    Europa Distribution Anti-Piracy Workshop

  • Diario Bae

    San Sebastian discute estrategias antipiratería

  • Festivalovy - KVIFF Daily

    Interview of ED General Manager Christine Eloy

  • Indiewire

    Europa Distribution launches partnership with Distrify Media

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Members Brainstorm New Strategies at Marrakech

  • Variety

    Marrakech Hosts Events for Europe's Top Distributors and Sales Agents

  • Screen Daily

    Europa Distribution warns of a single digital market 'catastrophe'

  • Cineuropa

    The need to keep a distributor-friendly environment

  • Cineuropa

    One Model Is not the Answer

  • FilmEcho

    Es gibt kein Einheitsmodell

  • Cineuropa

    New Patterns of Film Marketing and Distribution

  • Variety

    San Sebastian's Workshop Analyzes Day-and-Date Releases

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Stages Locarno Workshop on TV Acquisition of Indie Pix

  • Screen Daily

    Europa Distribution panel looks at TV

  • Variety

    Europa Distribution Analyzes Toon Pic Biz at Annecy

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution Asks Its Members to Participate in the EU Copyright Consultation

  • Variety

    Lumiere rolls with strong star, biz presence.

  • Screen Intl

    Europa Distribution AGM opens in Lyon with film heritage debate.

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution 6th Annual Conference.

  • Film New Europe

    Europa Distribution Backs MEDIA Strand Proposals for Creative Europe.

  • Screen Intl

    Europa Distribution mulls Creative Europe plan in Lyon.

  • Variety

    Secret Cinema heads for Gotham.

  • Cineuropa

    Europa Distribution wraps up its annual conference in Lyon.

  • Film New Europe

    Interview of Jakub Duszynski, President of Europa Distribution.

  • Screen Intl

    The Pope’s European Tour.

  • FilmEcho

    Distribution Strategies for a digital Europe.