August Haugesund


Which way to Valhalla? The circulation and promotion of Nordic Films in Europe 

Scandic Maritim Hotel, Salongene, Thursday August 23, 15:00 – 16.30


New Nordic Film and Europa Distribution are happy to welcome you to an open panel dedicated to the strategies built by distributors from very different countries to promote Nordic films. A special focus will be put on the particular types of collaboration and long-term relationships they develop with sales agents, other distributors, exhibitors and of course authors whom they help establishing on their national markets.

Through concrete examples, distributors from all over Europe will speak about their role as promoter, curator and talent-builder in the film industry.


The panel will be moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Screen International, UK) and include the following speakers:


Käte Schaeffer, Arsenal FimVerleih, Germany

Rose-Marie Strand, Folkets Bio, Sweden,

Miguel Angel Pérez, Surtsey Films, Spain

Lukasz Chrusciel, Tongariro Releasing, Poland

Wallie Pollé, Windmill Film, Netherlands


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