CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for EAVE Film Marketing Workshop


EAVE is launching its call for applications for the Film Marketing Workshop!

Discount of the workshop fee is offered to graduates of EAVE European Producers Workshop as well as to members of the EAVE partners Europa International and Europa Distribution.

Application deadline: October 14, 2013

EXTENDED Deadline : October 21, 2013 !


20th anniversary of the Film Marketing Workshop: November 22-24, 2013 (Luxembourg)

Don’t miss the deadline for EAVE’s well known Film Marketing Workshop for audiovisual professionals – an intensive and comprehensive exploration of the marketing process from script to screen. Join experts and colleagues to work on market trends and new marketing methods. Discuss your project with top level marketing specialists.

The workshop consists of plenary sessions in a small group (max 30 participants), as well as private tutorials with the experts, and is targeted at producers wishing to gain a greater understanding of the marketing process both in broad terms and for individual films which in turn results in creating a successful company, as well as for people working in sales, distribution and marketing departments.  We also appreciate applications from other professionals in the industry (e.g. regional and national funding institutions) and from relevant trainers and consultants.

Application requirements and the application form can be downloaded on our website:


The Film Marketing Workshop 2013 includes the following sessions (subject to changes):

Introduction to Marketing 

by Pim Hermeling (Wild Bunch Benelux Distribution, Head of Studies of EAVE Film Marketing Workshop) & Frans van Gestel (Topkapi Films)

Film marketing is much more than only a poster and a trailer. It’s a combination of many different elements. Marketing is about selling your film to a specific group of people.


Producers and Moviegoers 

by Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency)

“Producers and Moviegoers” is a short seminar providing basic marketing knowledge usable by producers. During the first part, some hints and tips about the well-known “business to business (b2b) tools” will be introduced. In the second part, we will dig deeper by dealing with the “business to consumer (b2c) tools” that would allow producers to establish a professional marketing plan taking their core audience in account. The structure of the conference and powerpoint presentation is conceived to provide the participants a guide that they may use hands-on after the conference.


Producers point of view 

by Frans van Gestel (Topkapi Films)

On the basis of several mini case studies, the participants will be guided us through the life line of film in terms of marketing.


Acquisition and international markets

by Ingrid Pittana (SquareOne Entertainment)

A glimpse in the world of acquisitions, and dos and don’ts related to it.


Sales Agency & Distribution Agreements

by Joris Van Wijk (JC Van Wijk)

In this presentation we’ll get into the legal aspects of marketing and releasing your film, locally and internationally. Why is “the legal thing” important? Because if this is not arranged well, you’ll never see a dime out of the exploitation of your film. This presentation will attempt to show you how money disappears in film distribution. We’ll also discuss the participants’ experiences in local and international distribution, so we can learn from each other’s success and failure.


International Sales Process

by Susan Wendt (TrustNordisk)What is the role of a sales agent, and what specifically does a sales agent do? Who is the right sales agent for your film? What to be aware of when chosing a sales agent? Which kind of films does the international market  want today? The year in festivals.


Distribution and Marketing

by Pim Hermeling (Wild Bunch Benelux Distribution, Head of Studies of EAVE Film Marketing Workshop) & Ingrid Pittana (SquareOne Entertainment)

The profession of a distributor: how does a distributor get his films, what is his or her relation towards sales agents, producers, directors?


Festivals and Publicity

by Barbara van Lombeek (The PR Factory)

This presentation is about the cheapest part of a film’s marketing campaign: free publicity. If you understand how the media work and make the most out of a festival selection, you can save a lot of money on advertising costs. And besides, is a raving review not much more effective than a full-page ad?


Trailers & Showreels

by Fraser Bensted (Picture Production Company)

The theoretical and creative process of producing audio visual marketing materials and the impact they have on the positioning of a film and its target audience. Including the role of the sales promo, opportunities for teaser and special shoot trailers, documentary trailers and trailers for international territories.


Online Marketing

by Dan Light (Glass Eye)

We will be looking at the myriad ways in which films can be marketed online, focusing in particular on opportunities arising out of the emergence of the social web, and the platforms that drive it: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. This will include an analysis of how best to create content for and manage community within these spaces, including a look at unique opportunities available to today’s film-makers to make interactive platforms and media integrated and financially viable strands of the stories they want to tell.


Private tutorials with the experts


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