Ciné en Construccion: ED&CICAE award goes to…

From March 27 to 28 Ciné en Construccion Toulouse presented six Latin-American movies looking to be completed with post-production. Europa Distribution, along with the CICAE awarded one of these works-in progress with the Distributors and Exhibitors prize.

This year, the jury was composed of two ED members, Carlo Dias (Amstel Film, Netherlands) and Harald Baur (Arsenal Filmverleih, Germany) and of Mirjam Ziegler (Arsenal & Atelier, Germany) for the CICAE. They awarded the film AUSÊNCIA by Chico Teixera,  focusing on a 14 years-old boy’s everyday struggle to be the man of the family while still having the candour and dreams of a boy.

The jury praised the film’s “outstanding combination of artistic quality and accessibility for the audience”. “The story is told through gestures and glances as we accompany the main character in his desperate search for love, acceptance and ultimately, happiness.”

AUSÊNCIA is a coproduction between Brazil, Chile and France.


As a reminder, international distributors can get support from Cinema do Brazil when they release Brazilian films. They award up to US$ 25,000 : more info on their website



Director: Chico Teixera

Country: Brazil / Chile / France

Original version: Portuguese

Year of production: 2013

Cast: Matheus Fagundes, Irandhir Santos, Francisca Gavilán, Gilda Nomacce, Thiago de Matos